Tuesday, February 24, 2015

mountain high

We spent the weekend in Big Bear without snow and sure enough the day we leave it snows. So what does Kyle decide to do? Take off work to go snowboarding. Mountain High is the closest place to snowboard and they had recently shut down due to no snow. They opened today and had great ticket deals ($45 for a full day) and Livi was free (except for rentals). We made it up there at 8:30am and it surprisingly wasn't freezing. Not a cloud in the sky. No waiting ever in line for the ski lift. Beautiful.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

big bear

With little hope for more snow to snowboard, Kyle thought we should go up to Big Bear for the weekend. After checking out our little cabin we went night tubing. 

The next morning we hung out then went to Snow Summit for the snowboard lesson. We got all of Olivia's rental equipment and she was excited...until we dropped her off in a room with other kids. After 45 minutes of her crying, they called me to pick her up. She was lonely and decided to try to snowboard when she was a few years older. I pulled her out of the class and she's like, okay, lets go home. I said no way girl, you're snowboarding. Kyle said he couldn't teach her and I said I will.

We found a little hill off to the side and I put her in the board. She could stand pretty well. Kyle then walked her up the hill and walked down with her. He is such a good teacher. He's patient and explains things clearly. I'm more like, okay go and try not to fall.

After a few times of holding Kyle's hand down the mountain, she said she wanted me to take her. I knew I was going to just let her go but at the top she said, okay mom, let go of my hand. She took off. I had to run after her. She was so amazingly awesome.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

more snowboarding

When we were in Colorado last week we didn't have a chance to go tubing. I found out that Mountain High had a tubing park so we decided to check it out. Kyle planned on snowboarding after while I took Olivia out shopping and hanging around town.

Thinking it would be warm, we didn't pack many warm clothes. It was freezing! A ton of fog and tiny little bits of snow. Turns out this tubing place was pathetic and we headed over to Mountain High. Kyle went snowboarding while Olivia and I had lunch in the lodge and a 3 hour picnic in the back of Kyle's car. At one point we went up to find Kyle. Olivia was worried he got lost. She told me if he was brave and not scared she would give him her Student of the Week medal (which is a big deal). We were about to give up because we were cold when we saw him. Livi was very proud. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Kyle recently joined a softball team. His first game he hit the ball, just to the other team. 

He did great at pitching.

Olivia loves to cheer him on.

Each game he's getting better. It takes a while to get used to it. He may try the new leg instead of the running leg this week. He also wants to try different positions to see how well he can move.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


This weekend we went to Colorado to visit Olivia's preschool BFF and her family who had recently moved. Kyle just got the fancy new Genium leg so this was a great chance to test it out.

First things first. Playing in the snow.

Mike and Kyle went snowboarding. Of course Kyle did well thanks to the "downhill skiing" mode on his leg. I am very proud, and impressed, by him. Each time down the mountain he did better and better. 

Of course he was exhausted but loved it.

On our last day we visited Red Rock Amphitheater. 

Walking down the million stairs to the stage wasn't so bad, but walking back up was tough! Kyle kept up and loves that he can now step up stairs like a real person. 

Great trip!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

bouncehouse fun

I honestly have no idea how Kyle has so much energy. Everytime Olivia asked Kyle to bounce in the bouncehouse we got for her birthday he said yes.

Kyle loves to test himself and this is a blurry picture of him doing a flip. First time with a fake leg on.